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Raise your micro-controller development skills to the next level with this MicroSD + FRAM Shield.

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A Shield designed for the Spark Core
For Community, by Community.


What is it about?


This Shield brings you the best of both worlds; Mass Storage and High-speed RAM.

We designed it to be a simple Plug and Play module. All you need to do is snug this shield on and code away!


Practical Applications

Having 2 types of memory on a single Shield brings about interesting usage scenarios.

Here are some possible applications:

  • - Wireless Web server with media content
  • - Spark Core USB mass-storage device  
  • High speed Data-logging for mission-critical projects
  • - Smart Metering
  • Local database on microSD encrypted by FRAM 
  • Memory buffer for high-pixel LCD Displays


We <3 Open-Source!

All the Schematic design files and firmware Source code will be published on Github after crowdfunding.

This shield would not have been made possible without an AWESOME Open-source Community. We have benefitted tremendously and would love to continue supporting and embracing this development model. 



uSD + 64Kb

- $2

Back to Basics! (Early bird special) 

This brings you the full basic capabilities with a MicroSD socket and 1 x 64Kb of FRAM.

1st 20
Pre-orders only

(est. Early Sept 14)


uSD +


Back to Basics! (USD$18.00)

Missed the early bird Special? Fret not! You can still grab a handful here. ;)

30 Available

(est. Early Sept 14)


uSD +

64Kb + 64Kb

Double UP! (USD$20.00)

Need a failback plan should 1 FRAM fail? Upgrade to 2 x 64Kb of FRAM and switching between both takes only a line of code.

25 Available

(est. Early Sept 14)


uSD + 256Kb

Make it 256?(USD$20.00)

Increase the RAM by 4 times to 1 x 256Kb and never worry about memory space!

15 Available

(est. Early Sept 14)


uSD +

64Kb + 256Kb

Give me 320! (USD$23.00)

You combine 1 x 64Kb + 1 x 256Kb FRAM. What will you do with all that RAMMM?

10 Available

(est. Early Sept 14)


The FULL functionalilty of this Shield will be tested before shipping to you. We will ensure that the entire FRAM memory space is Readable/Writable at the optimal transfer rate.

There are instances where the FRAM breakout modules solde in the Market that read/writes perfectly well for the front portion but fails at the end. We want to ship you the best product and testing is an important part of our manufacturing requirement.


FRAM Benefits

  • Low power comsumption of 2.0mA @ 3.3V
  • High endurance at up to 10 Billion Read/Writes
  • - Supports up to 20MHz SPI transfer rates
  • Small form-factor of SOIC-8


Technical Specifications

  • MB85RS SPI Fujitsu FRAM
  • MEM2060 Global Connector Corp microSD Socket
  • Stackable Header
  • - Spark-Compatible
  • - Works with any SPI-enabled devices


Pricing Comparison

No Product Pricing Shipping
1 64Kb SPI Breakout Module USD$13.99 Not Included
2 MicroSD Breakout Board USD$9.95 Not Included
3 MicroSD Shield USD$14.95 Not Included
4 Our uSD FRAM Shield USD$18.00 Included (International)


Thanks for Pre-ordering!

Your support for this project goes a long way. This uSD FRAM Shield marks the beginning of more "intelligent" shields development and encourages Open Source Communities to transform their protoypes into innovative solutions. We hope to support more community-driven hardware in future and do drop us an email at [] if you have cool ideas in mind!

NOTE: This is only for pre-orders and your Credit card will not be charged. 

Drop us a line at for inquires.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are you keeping to a low quantity manufacturing run?

    We believe in shipping on time and focusing on a small production run for our first pre-order will ensure this goal is achieved.

    A 2nd production run will be planned if there's sufficient demand!

  • Can we request for header-less shields?

    Totally! We know that some backers would like to solder the shield directly on their boards.

    Before shipping, we will confirm whether you want your shield with or without the headers on.

  • How much is shipping and are you making money out of it?

    The good news is, international shipping fees are INCLUDED in the pricing listed.

    We, ourselves, are crowd-funding backers too! It is discouraging to have additional shipping fees ranging from $5-$100.

    Therefore, the bare minimum to ship a Registered mail has been factored in and we absorb all the extra postage fees to deliver this shield into your hands.

    Feel free to back any of the Choices and we will handle the rest.

  • Can i purchase in bulk quantities?

    That's good to know! Drop us an email at and we will discuss offline.

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